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The current pace of RFID retail expansion and its historical roots sometimes reminds me of that age old question that an innocent child always asks on that long car trip - Are we there yet?

Contemplating that question led to the selection of the following as my favorite post from this past week:


The 2012 London Olympics are now history. As we all cheered through the thrills of victory and yes the agonies of defeat (ABC Sports), we probably missed were some key marketing lessons as they relate to branding. For the Games of the XXX Olympiad, a new technology subplot emerged that in the future will lead participating companies that understand it to either win gold in branding or go home without a medal. Thinking of the marketing lessons from the 2012 Olympics led to selecting the following as the most important post of the week:

Four Leadership Lessons From The Olympics

Some key 2012 London Olympics statistics to set the scene:


Welcome to my blog, the next logical step in my social media journey that started about 2 years ago. You may not have known it, but this educational journey started with some central themes that were defined very early on. Initially exposed on Twitter and slightly refined at the top of this blog, the main themes that have driven the weekly postings are:

Ideas on leadership, innovation, technology, and global retail trends. Interest in mobility, social media, e-commerce, security, global cultures, and emerging markets.