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How to Find the Quietest Spot on an Airplane | The Middle Seat | WSJ


After conducting tests aboard various flights, WSJ’s Scott McCartney has some tips on how you can make your next journey a peaceful one. From Wall Street Journal

Does this line predict America’s next recession? | The Economist


Predicting America’s next recession just got a little harder. But the indicators are starting to flash red.

Harvard Business Review Explainer: Don’t Just Sell Stuff — Satisfy Needs


Theodore Levitt's classic theory says that an industry is a customer-satisfying process, not a goods-producing process

When Will the Next Recession Hit? - Fortune Magazine - How Bad Will It Be? And Are We Ready?


Executives from American Express, IBM,, and Goldman Sachs chime in.

How Asia’s rise is reshaping the world - McKInsey


McKinsey, discusses the ways disruption will play out in Asia, from supply chains to the way jobs will change in an era of digital disruption, and technology as a driver to narrow inequality.

BrandZ Top100 Most Valuable | Global Brands 2019


Can you guess who is in the top 10? Here is the final countdown.

Who owns the Moon? | The Economist


Countries and companies are planning dozens of lunar missions—for research, for resources and even for tourism, which begs the question: who, if anyone, owns the Moon?

Happiness and work: An interview with Lord Richard Layard - McKinsey


Lord Richard Layard, the preeminent happiness researcher, shares some surprising results on connecting well-being, mental health, and how employers can play a role in improving our lives at work.

How to spot a child genius | Economist


Gifted children around the world are going under the radar—their talents not recognised or nurtured. More should be done to spot these “lost Einsteins”

Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive - Business Insider


Rolex watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world. A vintage Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman was sold at auction for $17.8 million.

Best of 2018 - by drone


From Drone Snap, Italy, Croatia, Germany, France, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, and USA.

Nike Dream Further


Celebrating the FIFA's Women's World Cup Final, from Nike, Dream Further. Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit

Celebrating General Shoe Company, the Inaugural Harvard Business School Case Study


Putting yourself in the shoes of the case protagonist and working to determine what should be done is like a good detective story. Here's the very first Harvard Business School case study.

7 social media predictions that will happen by the end of 2019


Good list from Neil Patel on Social Media trends and how to optimize you online value.

How long will you live? | The Economist


In Japan people can expect to live beyond 84 years on average—yet in Lesotho life expectancy is just 53 years. The age at which people die still depends a lot on where they live.