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The Spanish Flu & How The World Recovered (1918-1929) History Documentary -History Time


500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide. -from History Time

What Breakfast Is Like Around the World -Great Big Story


Typically eat eggs, or a bowl of cereal for breakfast? There are so many other tasty options. -from Great Big Story

The Truth Behind Italy's $1 Homes -Business Insider


Starting in early 2019, 20 towns across Italy began selling homes for €1, or about $1.10. But the true cost of these homes turn out to be much higher than $1. -from Business Insider

How to Ace Your Video Interview | WSJ


Preparing for a video interview requires research, practice and set design. -from WSJ

The Cities With The Most Billionaires In 2020 | The Countdown | Forbes


Out of the 2,095 members of the 2020 Forbes World’s Billionaires list, 552 live in just ten cities. -from Forbes

Stockmarket v economy: the impact of covid-19 | The Economist


Why is stockmarket performance so seemingly cut off from current events, and what does this tell us about how the economy works? -from The Economist

How a Michelin star restaurant copes with coronavirus | FT


After months in lockdown, restaurants are back. But they’re coming out of hibernation into a strange new world shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. -from FT

How Coronavirus Is Ushering in a New Era of Concerts | WSJ


With large gatherings limited during the coronavirus pandemic, artists are experimenting with new ways to perform, and some of these shows are already attracting millions of fans globally. -from WSJ

Why Ambulance Rides Are So Expensive In The United States -CNBC


It’s an open secret in America that calling for an ambulance can be a financial gamble because of surprise bills. -from CNBC

Can Skyscrapers Predict Economic Trouble? -Bloomberg QuickTake Originals


As the global economy sputters in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, some economists are looking to city skylines for clues to the future. -from Bloomberg QuickTake Originals

Alphabet Economics: Why the Old Rules of Recoveries May Not Apply | WSJ


The coronavirus downturn is so different from past recessions that economists are coming up with new shapes to describe the potential recovery. -from WSJ

3 Major Changes To Job Interviews You Should Prepare For | Forbes


The current pandemic has changed up the game in new ways, so there are a few additional things you need to be ready for if you want to stand out and secure a great next step in your career. -Forbes

Covid-19: what will happen to the global economy? | The Economist


Will the economic shock caused by imposing lockdown prove more costly than the pandemic itself? How could an economic recession shift the global balance of power? -from The Economist

Choose Your Own Adventure | The World’s Largest Model Railway -Great Big Story


Great Big Story on Miniatur Wunderland world's largest model railway. Located in Hamburg, Germany, 1,000 trains, traveling 16,000 kilometers (10 miles) of track. -from Great Big Story

The Power of Silence: Why Silent People Are Successful -TopThink


If silence can make you successful and happy in your life, why aren’t more people hearing about the power of silence? -from TopThink