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Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains


What exactly is coronavirus, and what's the best way to protect yourself? We checked if surgical masks really keep you healthy, and what you should do instead. - From Cheddar

The white lie we've been told about Roman statues - Vox


The ancient world was actually really colorful. - From Vox

Hold Nothing Back This New Year - Nike


Every Lunar New Year, Chinese people all over the world engage in a time honored tradition where money is gifted in little red envelopes. Enjoy the new year chase. - Nike

10 Of The Biggest Movie Flops Of The Decade - Insider


In the 2010s, not even bankable stars, big marketing campaigns or impressive CGI could guarantee box office success. Each of these films reportedly lost over $100 million dollars each.- From Insider

These Companies Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago - Fortune Magazine


As we start the new decade, now you can’t remember life without them, right?

The Decade in Review: 2010-2019 - Yahoo Finance


From Trump's election to the first black hole image, a lot has happened in the past 10 years. Here is a recap of just a few of the major headlines - From Yahoo Finance

What will be the biggest stories of 2020? | The Economist


Battle for the White House, a possible global recession, Beethoven the eco-warrior, nurses taking centre stage & a controversial Olympic Games. The Economist’s predictions for top stories of 2020

CEOs Predict Next Big Ideas for the New Decade - Fortune Magazine


Advances in technology, world health, personalized medicine, and income equality are some of the ideas and hopes for the next ten years. - From Fortune Magazine

Too Many People Want to Travel - The Atlantic


Tourism has surged in recent decades, causing large-scale environmental degradation, dangerous conditions, and pricing-out locals  An explanation and what to do about it from The Atlantic.

How Jack Ma Makes And Spends His Billions - Business Insider


Alibaba Co-Founder Jack Ma is the richest man in China. He's now worth $38 billion. Here's how the e-commerce tycoon makes and spend his money. - From Business Insider

Most liveable city, 2019: Zürich - Monocle Films


From the revived Le Corbusier Pavilion to a slick airport extension, we take lessons in living better from this year’s winning city. - Monocle Films

Inside Dubai’s VIP Private Terminal For The Superrich - Business Insider


Jetex offers fully bespoke aviation for the super rich. Inside the terminal, customers can enjoy a games room, sleep pods, and a private piano player. - Business Insider

Everything We Know About The Private Planes Of World Leaders - Business Insider


From the United Kingdom's $250 million Airbus A330 to Russia's fleet of 132 aircraft, these planes are meant to keep the world's top leaders safe. - From Business Insider

World's Best Honeymoon Destinations - Insider


Insider looks at 14 hotels and resorts in different countries featuring romantic or unique experiences to share on a honeymoon.

Do Airlines Make Money From First Class?


While airlines make a significant amount of money packing people into coach like cattle, premium cabins like business & first class are still a major source of income for USA carriers. - From CNBC