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Then & Now: Why Retail RFID is Booming


The consensus is that the roots of radio frequency identification can be traced back to World War 2. A 2021 study published by Accenture, labeled RFID adoption in retail as booming. Check out why.

A Rockin' Memorable Cleveland Tribute


One of my legendary "toasts" integrating fun facts about the city of Cleveland with memorable insights that you will never forget. As they say in Italy, raise your glass and say "Salute".

Then & Now: Stopping the Retail Thief with EAS


On multiple levels EAS was really the first item level technology applied to consumer products. As with CCTV video, it was a foundational technology whose evolution to greater intelligence still continues today.

Then & Now: One Billion CCTV Cameras Have Data Eyes


Fast forward 72 years since they first appeared, in 2021, the world crossed over 1 billion CCTV cameras installed worldwide.

Then & Now: The Surprising Anti-Theft Technology: The Cash Register


From a bar in Dayton Ohio where the barkeep was worried about his profits, to now over 40 Amazon Go stores, it's time to review the humble beginning of the cash register as an employee anti-theft tech

Inspiring the Next Generation to Greatness


There is no greater gift than the embrace of a child or a special memory that lives with you forever. Enjoy the ride for one day, you will realize it is too short.

Retail Robot Resistance is Futile


“The word “robot” was coined in 1920 by the Czech playwright Karel Capek. The industry robot market is expected to grow at a compound-annual-growth rate (CAGR) of around 10%

The Field of E-commerce Gold by Sting


‘Field of Gold’, which was one of the tracks on that Sting CD that started it all, perfectly summarizes the journey’s riches that ecommerce has accumulated since its memorable start.

The 3rd Megatrend Transforming Retail - Smartphones


Today, the entire world has been trained to stare at that smartphone screen.

Then & Now: The Most Successful Retail Format - Supermarkets


From the humble beginnings of the first supermarket to being part of a sector driving nearly $4 Trillion or 66% of the total revenue for the top 250 global retailers.

Then & Now: The 2nd Megatrend that Transformed Retail - The Barcode


A finger drawing on a Miami Beach in Florida was the inspiration for what became the second megatrend transforming the retail industry.

Then & Now: The Success of the Department Store -TDInsights


How and where did department stores get their start? Are the continuous rumors that this retail sector is dying true? Let's look back to see the future of department stores.

Will Santa Claus or the Grinch Show Up this Holiday Season?


Although I am cheering all the positive sales forecasts for this coming holiday season, more recent data points to substantial headwinds that will slow down growth. Is it the end of the world?

The Disruptive Future of Retail Post COVID-19


Short version of my continuously updated Retail Trends Presentation delivered virtually in London, UK in July 2021. The future of retail remains bright.

Is E-commerce Eating All Your Groceries?


In the battle between physical stores and E-commerce, who do you think will be the winner of future grocery wars. Has the pandemic permanently shifted food and drug sales online?

The Top Five 2021 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands


It’s time to reveal the 2021 most valuable global retail and apparel brands as researched by Brand Finance. Simply presenting a unified brand message can increase profits by nearly 25%.

The 2021 Retailer and Technology Priorities for Success


Specifically with innovation, 28% of successful retailers are more likely deploy mobile devices for managers, 93% will spend more on traditional self-checkout.

Vaccines NOT the Magic Panacea to Retail Growth


The vaccine is not the magic panacea that will solve all the physical retail growth problems.

Top 10 Provocative Consumer Shopping Tech


Are these top 10 pandemic induced new consumer preferred shopping tech features really provocative?

The Post COVID-19 Future of Retail Loss Prevention


Crime patterns are changing and getting more violent. Consumers are taking charge of their shopping journey. Welcome to a post pandemic brighter future for retail loss prevention.