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Then & Now: The 2nd Megatrend that Transformed Retail - The Barcode


A finger drawing on a Miami Beach in Florida was the inspiration for what became the second megatrend transforming the retail industry.

Then & Now: The Success of the Department Store -TDInsights


How and where did department stores get their start? Are the continuous rumors that this retail sector is dying true? Let's look back to see the future of department stores.

Will Santa Claus or the Grinch Show Up this Holiday Season?


Although I am cheering all the positive sales forecasts for this coming holiday season, more recent data points to substantial headwinds that will slow down growth. Is it the end of the world?

The Disruptive Future of Retail Post COVID-19


Short version of my continuously updated Retail Trends Presentation delivered virtually in London, UK in July 2021. The future of retail remains bright.

Is E-commerce Eating All Your Groceries?


In the battle between physical stores and E-commerce, who do you think will be the winner of future grocery wars. Has the pandemic permanently shifted food and drug sales online?

The Top Five 2021 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands


It’s time to reveal the 2021 most valuable global retail and apparel brands as researched by Brand Finance. Simply presenting a unified brand message can increase profits by nearly 25%.

The 2021 Retailer and Technology Priorities for Success


Specifically with innovation, 28% of successful retailers are more likely deploy mobile devices for managers, 93% will spend more on traditional self-checkout.

Vaccines NOT the Magic Panacea to Retail Growth


The vaccine is not the magic panacea that will solve all the physical retail growth problems.

The Disruptive Future of Retail - Tony D'Onofrio Keynote


The $30 trillion retail wake-up call. Is ecommerce eating the retail world? The recovery that is undeway to a new normal

Top 10 Provocative Consumer Shopping Tech


Are these top 10 pandemic induced new consumer preferred shopping tech features really provocative?

The Post COVID-19 Future of Retail Loss Prevention


Crime patterns are changing and getting more violent. Consumers are taking charge of their shopping journey. Welcome to a post pandemic brighter future for retail loss prevention.

Three Surprising 2021 Retail Predictions


In the retail industry worldwide industry sales are projected to decline over 1.6 trillion dollars in 2020. The first 3 to 6 months will be challenging in 2021. -from TDInsights Live

Why 2021 Will be Your Best Year EVER


Here are three leadership skills to develop for a lucky New Year. What happens to each of us in 2021 has not yet been written. The New Year is a blank canvas on which to paint our possibilities.

Five Retailers' Success Strategies for 2021 and Beyond


Five transformational strategies critical for retailers in 2021+: harmonious retail channels, frictionless commerce, nempowered store associates, inventory visibility, real time analytics. Why?

Top 3 Retail Technologies for 2021


Nearly 90% of all data has been created in the last two years. Retail which is not immune from this data explosion will thrive in 2021 by focusing on these three technologies.