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Post COVID-19 Top Retail Tech


Post COVID-19 digitization will increase across harmonized retail channels. Online will need to keep searching for the human connection. Four technologies will increase in their importance.

What Distressed Consumers Miss Most and the Permanent Changes Ahead -TD Insights Live


Amazingly in just these two months, more money was spent online than the last 12 Cyber Mondays combined. What are the top 5 activities that stressed consumers miss most? -from TDInsights Live

COVID-19: The Brutal Retail Industry Accelerator


Contrary to popular beliefs, all retail sales are NOT moving online. For USA, various forecasts have ecommerce reaching 20% to 21% of industry sales in 2020. -from TD Insights

The Growing Use of Facial Recognition -TDInsights Live


Facial recognition is now in use in 98 countries, 12 others have approved it, and only 3 have banned it. Greater legislative scrutiny is needed in clarifying the rules and regulations of it.

Small Business Success in the Post COVID-19 New Normal -TDInsights Live


In the lockdown phase, $250 billion in revenue was transferred from smaller companies that were forced to close to large companies that continued to stay open. -from TDInsights Live

The New World Norm


As a first guest in this new video podcast produced by Tim Moore, Director of Global Loss Prevention at Swarovski, I examine the post COVID-19 "new normal".

Leadership Skills for the Post COVID-19 "New Normal"


Digital transformation is ahead that requires intensified focus on innovation, continuous learning, and stepping up your communication skills.

The Post COVID 19 "New Normal" -TD Insights


COVID-19 was an unexpected shock to global economic order. Much like a war, this health crisis will change how you work, go to school, have fun, and even how you shop. -from TD Insights

TD Insights Live NRF 2020 Top 3


The future of retail was on display at the NRF Big Show in New York earlier this year. From that industry leading event, here are the top 3 disruptive innovation takeaways.

Top 3: Emerging Tech Passions


My current 3 primary emerging technology focus areas that are disrupting the future of retail. Foundational Internet-of-Things elements that will deliver a smarter more profitable retail store.

Here Come the Retail Robots - Rethink Retail


The robot revolution is here: As consumers continue to demand efficient and better-connected experiences, retailers are responding with a number of AI-driven innovation projects.

Walmart Intelligent Retail Lab


With artificial intelligence-enabled cameras, interactive displays & a massive data center, this store suggests a retail future that seems like science fiction. Video & Text Courtesy of Walmart Media

No.1 Solution Provider Video with Most Views on D&D Daily for 2018 - Sensormatic - Cloud-Based, Data-Driven Solutions


Tony D'Onofrio, former Chief Customer Officer for Tyco Retail Solutions, talks about Tyco / Sensormatic latest innovations, trends shaping retail, & new technologies that excite him the most.

The Store Brand Ambassador


Retailers have a very valuable often under-utilized asset in the store being met by an ever more knowledgeable digitally empowered consumer.

The Store of the Future


Focusing on the most important person in the retail store is obvious, yet getting harder because of so many digital disruptions. It is time to bring in the ambassadors.