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Germany’s Oldest Street-Legal Car | 1894 Benz Victoria | German Cars


Interesting viral video of not your average Mercedes Benz. This 125- year-old horseless carriage was licensed for public roads. -from DW Euromaxx

How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space


Viral interesting video. NOT AN ASTRONAUT; NO AFFILIATION WITH NASA. I was dressed up for Halloween. -from Bret Copeland

How coronavirus has turbo charged Big Tech | Lex Megatrends


What happens when a pandemic collides with technological change? Covid-19 has shaken business to its core. The FT's Lex maps how the landscape is changing. -from Financial Times

The technology that’s replacing the green screen -Vox


Cool LED panels that used video game engine technology to place a realistic-looking world behind the actors. -from Vox

Inside Nikola, The One-Time Wall Street Darling Mired In Controversy -CNBC


The last few months have been a roller coaster ride for battery and hydrogen-powered semi truck maker, Nikola. -from CNBC

How robots made this food commercial look effortless -Vox


Creating the perfect food commercial isn’t just a matter of great styling and a mouth-watering dish. Sometimes, you need a robot. -from Vox

The $25,000 Tesla Will Be A Game Changer -Tech Vision


Earlier this year he teased his plans to announce a new, $25,000 model, which would significantly undercut many established rivals in the market. -from Tech Vision

Inside Lucid Motors' Plan To Take On Tesla -CNBC


Lucid Motors is the latest EV startup to enter the market. In September, it unveiled its Air luxury sedan to the world, and teased its SUV concept. -from CNBC

The Future of Your Office Is in a VR Headset | WSJ


With a virtual-reality headset and a virtual meeting platform like Spatial, you can meet up and collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in a real office space. -from WSJ

Why SpaceX, Virgin, & Blue Origin Are Betting On Space Tourism -CNBC


Space tourism has been, almost, nonexistent in the past, but Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin are looking to change that. -from CNBC

The best tech demo fails -CNET


A trip through time, looking at some of the funniest and cringiest tech demos of all time. -from CNET

What is ByteDance? | CNBC Explains


The company is behind social media apps like international sensation TikTok, Douyin, and AI-powered news aggregator Toutiao. -from CNBC

Nike Paris, House of Innovation 002 -Viacomit


"When consumers step into Nike Paris, they will experience our largest, most digitally connected and immersive retail concept in the world." - Heidi O'Neill, Nike President of Consumer and Marketplace

Inside The Virtual World - BBC Click


Click takes a look at how virtual reality is being used to help the emergency services find an alternative during the coronavirus pandemic for traditional face-to-face training. -from BBC Click