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Apple Vision Pro Headset: Price, Specs and Other Details | WSJ


Apple announced its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, CA. The sleek headset bridges virtual reality with augmented reality and includes unique features for FaceTime, watching 3-D movies and more.

Generative AI: what is it good for? -The Economist


Generative AI is the technology behind the wave of new online tools used by millions around the world. As the technology is ever more widely deployed, what are its current strengths and its weaknesses?

I Tested AI Photo Apps Like Adobe Firefly and Midjourney on Strangers | WSJ


AI image tools, including Adobe Firefly, FaceApp, Midjourney and Try It On, can give people appearances, features and characteristics that, well, aren’t real. WSJ’s Joanna Stern set up an AI photo booth in New York City to test out the photo tools.

New York vs. Tokyo’s Subway: How Japan Got So Far Ahead | U.S. vs. Japan | WSJ


Japan’s train system is ranked the most efficient in the world, according to Statista. The United States is tied with Azerbaijan for 11th best. Part of this is because Japan’s railway system has more points of connection allowing for easier commutes.

How Amazon’s Drone Delivery Fell Behind Walmart And Alphabet -CNBC


Amazon says its Prime Air drones recently completed 100 deliveries in two small U.S. markets. Meanwhile, competitors like Alphabet’s Wing and Walmart partner Zipline have made hundreds of thousands of deliveries.

Will Apple’s Headset Be as Disruptive as the iPod, iPhone or Apple Watch? | WSJ


Apple is expected to announce a mixed-reality headset in 2023. Thanks to the iPhone, Apple has a massive 2-billion-person installed base, but convincing customers to purchase a pricey headset could be a challenge.

Why Hydrogen-Powered Planes Will Beat Electric Planes -CNBC


Aircraft giant, Airbus, is exploring this new technology, as well as new startups, ZeroAvia and Universal Hydrogen. CNBC explores hydrogen planes and whether they could fix aviation’s emissions problem.

I Challenged My AI Clone to Replace Me for 24 Hours | WSJ


New AI voice and video tools can look and sound like you. But can they fool your family—or bank? WSJ’s Joanna Stern replaced herself with her AI twin for the day and put "her" through a series of challenges.

How to stop AI going rogue -The Economist


Artificial intelligence is improving so fast that no one knows what it might be capable of. It brings huge opportunities, but also huge risks. Arjun Ramani, The Economist's global business and economics correspondent, explains what could go wrong.

How Tap-to-Pay Works | The Tech Behind | WSJ


From Apple iPhones to New York City subway turnstiles, tap-to-pay use in everyday American life is growing, thanks in part to its security and ease of use. But tap-to-pay and its small near field communication antennas are more complicated than they look.

Beyond ChatGPT: what chatbots mean for the future -The Economist


With the arrival of generative AI chatbots, artificial intelligence no longer seems the preserve of science fiction. Now that the bots are talking back, what does it mean for the future of the internet—and our relationship with machines?

The Rise Of Dumb Phones -CNBC


Dumb phones, once considered outdated, are still prevalent around the world, making up about a quarter of mobile phones actively in use. Affordability in developing countries is a significant reason for their continued use.

How eVTOLs Could Disrupt The $49B Helicopter Industry -CNBC


With an estimated 200 companies working on them, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles are taking the aviation industry by storm.

How TikTok Could Become a U.S. Company | WSJ


TikTok is at a crossroads, as U.S. concerns about its Chinese ownership grow. Some officials have explored the idea of forcing a sale to a U.S. company. WSJ explains the challenges of making that happen.

Will Robots Replace Fast Food Workers? -CNBC


This robot named Flippy runs the fry station at a White Castle outside of Chicago. With a mechanical arm and using computer vision technology Flippy can cook everything from french fries and onion rings to cheese sticks.

How Tech Is Betting Big On AI Generated Art -CNBC


Silicon Valley is abuzz over a new kind of artificial intelligence — generative AI. It's a somewhat new field that exploded in popularity and attention in recent weeks.

How Joby And Delta Are Making Flying Taxis A Reality -CNBC


Advances in battery and electric propulsion technology have enabled entirely new types of aircraft to take to the skies. Startups Joby, Archer, Vertical, Lilium and more are developing eVTOLs, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft

Self-Driving Tech Companies Aren't Developing Fast Enough | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ


Self-driving cars have advanced quite a bit, but the technology isn't making it onto roads as fast as some executives and investors had predicted.

How AI Art Generators Like Dall-E 2 and DreamStudio Work | WSJ


New text-to-image generators powered by artificial intelligence, including OpenAI Dall-E 2 and Stability AI DreamStudio, let you type in almost any phrase and get an image.

Does Apple’s Crash Detection Work? We Totaled Some Cars to Find Out. | WSJ


Apple’s new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch models can detect severe car crashes and automatically call 911. So can Google Pixel. But does crash detection actually work? WSJ finds out.