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What Is Spaving And How It’s Hurting Americans -CNBC


Spaving - or spending more to save more - is a long-time tactic used by retailers to get consumers to spend on things they don't necessarily need, usually on impulse.

Why can’t prices just stay the same? -Vox


If high inflation hurts just about everyone, why can’t we have no inflation?

Why Prices Might Never Go Back Down -CNBC


Historical data suggests the key factor in bringing down prices is a slowdown in consumer spending. Despite nearly half of Americans reporting feeling in a worse financial situation than five years ago, they’re still spending.

How Retailers Like T.J. Maxx And Home Depot Quietly Target 'Problem' Returners -CNBC


In 2023, 81% of U.S. retailers implemented pay-to-return policies in some capacity. Amazon, Macy's, T.J.Maxx, Walmart and Staples all rolled out changes to their established return policies.

How U.S. Malls Survived The Death Of Department Stores -CNBC


The American mall is alive and well. Department stores — which were historically the most important real estate in American malls — are a different story.

How Temu Is Becoming a Serious Competitor to Amazon and Walmart | WSJ


Temu, a Chinese-founded e-commerce company, became the most-downloaded app in the U.S. in just over a year. The retailer has flooded social media feeds with curious consumers and even aired ads at back-to-back Super Bowls.

How The Shadowy World Of Organized Retail Crime Works -CNBC


CNBC goes inside the shadowy world of organized retail crime, revealing how a crime ring stole millions of dollars of beauty items that ended up for sale on Amazon, according to authorities.

Why Direct-To-Consumer Companies Like Casper, Allbirds And Peloton Are All Struggling -CNBC


The direct-to-consumer boom is coming to an end. A once bustling group of companies, backed by billions in venture capital funding, saw a record year for IPOs in 2021.

The Future Of Online Shopping | CNBC


CNBC Marathon explores how companies like Amazon, Walmart and their competitors are shifting their marketing and business strategies to compete in today’s economy.

Who Is Stealing U.S. Packages -CNBC


Cargo theft has more than doubled in just a year as thieves are vanishing millions of dollars worth of goods. Strategic cargo theft is surging, where criminals engage in internet-based fraud.

How Walmart Is Automating Its Supply Chain to Deliver the ‘Perfect Order’ | WSJ Shipping Wars


Walmart projects that by 2025, 65% of its stores will be serviced by automation. To compete against Amazon and Target, Walmart is investing in these automated fulfillment centers with its robotic Alphabot system and drone delivery.

Workers on edge after thieves across the U.S. target delivery trucks -NBC News


Across the country, delivery drivers are fearing for their safety after reports of large groups ambushing delivery trucks and running off with packages. NBC News’ Maura Barrett shares the latest on the search for the suspects involved.

How Walmart Is Beating Everyone In Groceries -CNBC


Sky high grocery bills are inflicting pain at the supermarket checkout counter. Food-at-home prices in 2022 jumped 11.4% and are expected to increase 5% in 2023. By comparison prices rose just 0.7% in 2019.

Tipping, Explained: Why Two-Thirds of Americans View It Negatively | WSJ


Bankrate survey found a third of people are annoyed by those pre-entered tip screens. Majority still tipping servers or wait staff at sit-down restaurants but tipping much less frequently when picking up takeout or grabbing coffee. - Wall Street Journal

Why Major Meal Kit Companies Lose 90% of Customers in a Year | WSJ The Economics Of


HelloFresh, Home Chef, Blue Apron and other prominent meal kit companies are struggling to retain customers. In 2022, about 90% of customers at the five major meal delivery services canceled their subscriptions by the end of the year.

Why Primark Is Thriving While Retailers Like Forever 21 Are Closing | WSJ The Economics Of


Primark is increasing its revenue by encouraging customers to shop in retail stores as the e-commerce industry booms. Fast fashion companies like Forever 21 have relied on online shopping to help grow, but Primark is taking a different route for expansion

Why Warning Labels Are Ineffective -CNBC


U.S. consumers seem to be inundated with scary warning labels, but the fear may be necessary. Research shows people don’t pay attention unless these labels elicit strong emotion.

Why America’s Retailers Like Target Fail Abroad -CNBC


From Target and McDonald’s to Harley-Davidson, CNBC Marathon explores why some U.S. retailers struggle to make it abroad. Target’s first and only foray into international markets happened in 2013 in Canada.

How Robots Could Help Retailers Save Billions -CNBC


Outfitted with cameras and sensors, autonomous inventory robots can verify price signs and look for out-of-stock items. Inventory is one of the biggest challenges retailers face.

Outsmarting shoplifters -CBS Sunday Morning


It is estimated that tens of billions of dollars' worth of merchandise is lost to shoplifters each year. And as shoplifters become more brazen, store owners are looking for new ways to stop store owners are looking for new ways to stop them.