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Why Outback Steakhouse Is So Successful In Brazil -CNBC


Outback Steakhouse, renowned for its American twist on Australian barbecue, has found unexpected success in Brazil. The South- American nation is responsible for an astonishing 83% of Bloomin’ Brands’ total international sales.

The Inside Story Of Disney And Bob Iger's Succession Chaos -CNBC


CNBC’s Alex Sherman reports on the inside story of a CEO succession plan gone awry at Disney, a cautionary tale about ego and hubris at the highest levels of corporate America.

Why AI May End Labor Protections And Become Your New Employer: Robert Reich -CNBC


Americans may soon be working for artificial intelligence platforms says former secretary of labor, Robert Reich. In this episode of "The Bottom Line," Reich explains how AI will create a system where workers bid for jobs.

Why Youth Unemployment Is Surging In China -CNBC


China is facing a growing list of problems, real estate, semiconductor bans and labor market gyrations. The world's second-most populous country also has a major youth unemployment problem.

Why Airlines Won’t Fix Inefficient Boarding -CNBC


Have you ever wondered why we board airplanes the way we do and if there's a faster way? There are numerous different methods to board airplanes: front-to-back, back-to-front, random, unassigned seating and WILMA.

How Kia Pulled Off A Massive Turnaround -CNBC


For many of its early years in the U.S., Kia was a low-end brand and its cars were often criticized for poor quality, reliability and design. But a brush with bankruptcy and an investment from Hyundai, Kia grew fast.

Why you have an accent in a foreign language -The Economist


Ever wondered why it's so hard to sound like a local when you go on holiday? Discover the pronunciation tips your teachers may have missed.

Why The U.S. Has A Productivity Problem -CNBC


Labor productivity is a key, if often overlooked, economic indicator that policymakers use to gauge the health of the economy and guide fiscal and monetary policy decisions. But the U.S. has seen a productivity slump in recent years.

Can Volkswagen’s Iconic Bus Make An Electric Comeback? -CNBC


Since the 1950s, the Volkswagen bus has been an iconic staple of American culture and after a 20-year hiatus, the minibus is making an electric comeback with the ID. Buzz.

The future of money: three ways to go cashless -The Economist


Non-cash payments are on the rise all over the world. Our writers explain how digital technology has changed the way consumers shop in three important markets: America, China and India.

Why Penny Stocks Are So Dangerous -CNBC


As more retail investors trade penny stocks, innocent traders may turn to victims. Penny stocks are more vulnerable to fraud and have a history of multi-million dollar scams.

How Much Money Do Americans Need To Be Comfortable? -CNBC


The average American says they need to earn $233,000 a year to be financially comfortable. But in 2021, American workers on average made only $75,203 annually.

Why Airplane Seats Are Getting Bigger And Fancier Again -CNBC


Airlines have been spending big to add more space and comfort to seats on board planes. According to AeroDynamic advisory, airplane seats were a $2.6 billion dollar market globally in 2022, almost half of $6.2 aircraft interiors market.

Inside Elon Musk’s Fascination With ‘X’ | WSJ


Elon Musk changed Twitter’s name to X in late July, marking a major change for the social media company. His fascination around ‘X’ dates back to 1999, when he envisioned as a banking site.

One of the Most Anticipated EVs Ever: Can Cybertruck Live Up to Its Hype? | WSJ


The launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated EV releases in history. With its cyberpunk-like design, Elon Musk’s vehicle is a radical departure from America’s long homogenous-looking pickup trucks, like Ford’s F-150.

Captain Explains How He Docks the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship | WSJ Travel Guides


Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, coming in five times larger than the Titanic. Every time it docks at Florida’s Port Canaveral, weather conditions, vessel traffic and water depth make this process complicated.

How EVs Are Shaking The Car Parts Supplier Industry -CNBC


Companies that make parts for internal combustion engines are facing a harsh future. Revenues for ICE cars, and fuel and exhaust systems are all expected to decline 44% through 2027.

Where Thousands Of Tech Workers Went After Mass Layoffs -CNBC


Tech companies shed more than 386,000 jobs last year and in the first half of this year. And that number is climbing. But while layoffs have taxed workers, a booming artificial intelligence market is giving the industry a renewed sense of optimism.

How China Is Threatening U.S. GPS Dominance -CNBC


For decades, the United States has been a leader in satellite navigation technology. The U.S. Global Positioning System, or GPS as most of us know it, was originally designed as a military tool, but has also become indispensable in the lives of civilians.

How To Fix America's Labor Shortage -CNBC


The U.S. economy still has a massive labor shortage. The American Health Association reports 600,000 nurses plan to leave the field by 2027. Even the construction industry will need another 540,000 workers on top of the normal pace of hiring.