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How Non-Compete Clauses Cost Americans $300 Billion A Year -CNBC


In the flurry of papers that an employee receives during the onboarding process, there is one clause that could have a significant impact on their future career: the non-compete agreement.

The Tiny City Where Almost $1 Billion of Products Pass Through Daily | WSJ


Laredo, Texas, is primed to become one of the world’s most important supply chain hubs as companies around the world reduce their manufacturing reliance on factories in China and shift their production to Mexico.

Why Inflation Is So Sticky -CNBC


Everything is more expensive. Overall consumer prices are about 13% higher than they were in April 2021 and Americans are feeling the pain. Inflation, or the rate prices are increasing in the general economy.

Will ChatGPT Take Your Job? -CNBC


The rise in new generative artificial intelligence tools has the potential to rock industries staffed by white collar workers in the coming years.

Where Did Americans’ Savings Go? -CNBC


The trillions in excess personal savings built up in the pandemic are beginning to vanish amid high inflation, according to Federal Reserve economists. The monthly saving rate fell to a 15-year low in 2022.

What India’s Population Surpassing China’s Means for Global Economies | WSJ


China has been the most populous country for more than two centuries – until this month. India's population may have surpassed China’s, a milestone that some believe heralds a new global order.

Why U.S. Vacation Policies Are So Much Worse Than Europe’s -CNBC


The United States is the only advanced economy that doesn’t guarantee workers paid time off. And nearly half of those who are offered paid vacations don’t take the days, even though roughly 80% of U.S. workers receive some sort of paid time off.

Why The Feds Have Seized $1B Worth Of Goods At U.S. Ports -CNBC


U.S. Customs & Border Protection gave CNBC exclusive access inside one of America’s largest ports where millions of dollars' worth of cargo was being detained while major companies scrambled to prove their supply chains are clean.

Why is everything getting so expensive? -Vox


Right now, inflation is inescapable. At the grocery store, the gas station, and in almost every country in the world, people are paying more — way more — than they did just a couple of years ago for everything. In this video, we explore three explanation

Why AI doesn't speak every language -Vox


Large language models are astonishingly good at understanding and producing language. But there’s an often overlooked bias toward languages that are already well-represented on the internet.

Why ‘Maximum Employment’ Feels Impossible In The U.S. -CNBC


The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate to both promote maximum employment and keep prices stable. Yet, the central bank cannot influence employment directly and it is notoriously hard to measure.

How Retired Planes Are Stripped For Parts -CNBC


When airplanes are retired, many of them end up stripped for parts that are worth millions of dollars. Almost every component from engines to landing gear.

Why AI art struggles with hands -Vox


Hands drawn by robots … often just don’t look right. Why is that, and what will it take to get better? Producer Phil Edwards is exploring five different aspects of AI that help explain everything from large language models to unusual training data.

Aircraft Close Calls, Explained: How Air Traffic Control Prevents Collisions | WSJ Travel Guides


Aircraft close calls have been rising, prompting safety concerns. The FAA has confirmed six serious runway incursions just this year, including one at JFK Airport in New York and another in Austin, Texas.

Why Do U.S. Banks Keep Failing? -CNBC


The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse were a harsh reminder of how quickly a trusted institution could fail, putting billions of dollars at risk. Over 550 banks have collapsed since 2001, according to the FDIC.

How 3,200 Airplane Meals Are Made for Delta in a Day | WSJ Travel Guides


Delta Airline’s largest hub is located in Atlanta, Georgia. WSJ visited Delta’s domestic kitchen – one of the largest facilities they own – to see how they make thousands of first-class airline meals on an average day.

How Crypto Companies Like Coinbase And Binance Make Money In 2023 -CNBC


Crypto companies have had a rough year. Coming off the collapse of FTX, and now digital asset-focused banks Silvergate and Signature, the once red-hot industry remains in a crypto winter.

Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S. -CNBC


Tipping in the United States is on the rise and experts are calling it tipflation. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the number of tips provided at full-service restaurants grew by 17% from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Apple vs. Banks: The Digital-Wallet War, Explained | WSJ


Digital wallets like Apple Pay are continuing to grow in popularity. Banks are worried they’re losing ground to tech companies eager to gain market share in consumer payments.

Why China's population is shrinking -Vox


For the first time in six decades, China’s population is shrinking, and it’s predicted it could create a demographic crisis. That’s because China isn’t just shrinking, it’s also aging.