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10 Hidden Apple Tricks for iPhone, AirPods and More | WSJ


Apple’s iOS 17 iPhone update came with a bunch of new features that could change how you use your iPhone, AirPods and more.

Will The U.S. Remain The World's Leading Economy? -CNBC


Economists believe the USA could lose its ranking as the world's leading economy in the 21st century, as measured by gross domestic product. But the USA is set to extend its run through the 2020s, on the back of slower-than-expected growth trends in China

How China Became KFC’s Most Important Market -CNBC


KFC, with 29,000 stores and 800,000 employees globally, is one of the world’s most extensive fast-food chains, opening a new location every three and a half hours.

How AI is generating a revolution in entertainment -The Economist


A new wave of artificial intelligence is starting to transform the way the entertainment industry operates. Who will be the winners and losers?

Why Americans Can’t Keep Their Paychecks -CNBC


More than half of Americans earning more than $100,000 a year say they’re living paycheck to paycheck, according to a report from PYMNTS and LendingClub.

AI: a blessing or curse for humanity? | FT Tech


Artificial intelligence is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. But will this prove to be a blessing for humanity, or have we created a monster?

How To Set An Annual Budget -CNBC


In 2023, 40% of Americans said they don't make New Year's money resolutions and 68% said they have no written financial plan at any point in the year.

Inside the Making of an AI Chip | WSJ


The technology behind generative AI like ChatGPT has exploded, fueling a demand for chips that can handle the complex processing power these programs need. Big tech companies Microsoft, Amazon and Google are all designing their own chips.

The World Ahead 2024: five stories to watch out for


From the biggest election year in history, to how to control AI and even taxis that fly, The Economist offers its annual look at the world ahead.

The World Ahead 2024: five stories to watch out for


From the biggest election year in history, to how to control AI and even taxis that fly, The Economist offers its annual look at the world ahead.

How Pop-Tarts Became A $1 Billion Breakfast Icon -CNBC


For 60 years, Pop-Tarts has endured wars, natural disasters, health-conscious movements and recessions.

Why CEOs Are Quitting In Record Numbers In 2023 -CNBC


American CEOs are leaving their posts in record numbers in 2023. While the "Great Resignation" may be over, it's just beginning for CEOs, according to research by Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

iPhone Thief Explains How He Breaks Into Your Phone | WSJ


Thieves are stealing Apple iPhones, passcodes and thousands of dollars from their victims’ bank accounts. WSJ’s Joanna Stern sat down with a convicted thief in a high-security prison to find how and how you can protect yourself.

How Budget Airlines Like Ryanair Make Money -CNBC


The low-cost business model was first implemented by Pacific Southwest Airlines in 1949 and perfected by Southwest Airlines in the early 1970s. It’s since expanded around the world.

Who Will Be AI’s Winners And Losers | The Bottom Line -CNBC


As artificial intelligence advances and earns more investments, it poses an even bigger threat to all kinds of workers.

Why Cars Lose Their Value So Fast -CNBC


A car loses about 10% of its value as soon as it's driven off the lot. And within the first three years, that number goes up to 50%.

How The Escalating U.S.-China Tech War Could Hurt American Companies -CNBC


Semiconductors represent a $574 trillion industry globally and are on pace to cross the trillion-dollar mark by the end of the decade. The industry has been caught in the crosshairs between the U.S. and China, two of the world's largest economies.

The End of the Steering Wheel? How Self-Driving Is Reshaping the Car | WSJ


As autonomous driving technology becomes more mainstream, automakers like Waymo and Geely are beginning to make crucial decisions about what their next generation of vehicles will look like.

Why Interest Rates Take So Long To Affect The Economy -CNBC


Federal Reserve leaders warned of monetary policy's "long and variable" lags numerous times in 2023. This term refers to the unpredictable speed at which interest rate changes can affect the economy.

Why Used EV Prices Are Falling -CNBC


Used EV prices are falling. Studies show that used EV prices fell somewhere around 30 percent in September and October 2023 from the same period in 2022.