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We Tested Walmart, Target and Amazon’s Delivery Speeds | WSJ


Amazon, Walmart and Target are investing big in new processes to cut down delivery time. Each company has developed its own strategies for faster shipping, but how do customers know which option to use to ensure they get their products quickly?

How Nespresso Is Taking On Keurig In The U.S. Coffee Pod Market -CNBC


Keurig Dr Pepper is the biggest player in the coffee pod market in the United States with domestic sales estimated to be three times that of its biggest competitor, Nestlé’s Nespresso. However, over the past decade, Nespresso has been steadily gaining

How Hidden Fees Cost Americans Billions -CNBC


Tipping in the United States is on the rise and experts are calling it tipflation. The pressure to tip well in front of the tip receiver, before a service is completed, or in front of other customers makes a difference for many.

Bitcoin crosses $38,000 for the first time in 2023: -CNBC Television


CNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers with a look at what's ahead with high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories from the ever-changing crypto industry.

Why Are Public EV Chargers So Unreliable? | WSJ


Los Angeles County has more public DC fast chargers for EVs than any other city in the U.S. The majority of non-Tesla electric vehicles have a CCS port that works at these charging stations as well.

Why Target’s 2,000 Stores Are Its Biggest Asset Against Amazon and Walmart | WSJ Shipping Wars


Target uses its almost 2,000 stores to deliver 95% of its online orders. Now it’s ramping up its shipping speed by investing $100 million in local sortation centers to keep up with companies with strong e-commerce like Amazon and Walmart.

What's Wrong With U.S. Cash -CNBC


The U.S. hasn't updated physical currency but some countries have changed lower denomination bills into coins and paper notes have been converted to polymer.

How The U.S. Lost Thousands Of High-Skilled Workers To Canada -CNBC


On July 16, 2023 Canada opened visa applications for a pilot program that would allow up to 10,000 H-1B visa holders in the United States to apply for a three year open-work permit in Canada.

Is The Golden Age Of Remote Work Over? -CNBC


Finding fully remote work is getting challenging. ​​New research from Indeed found that job postings are declining faster in metropolitan areas where many jobs can be done remotely.

How Arm Powers Chips By Apple, Amazon, Google And More -CNBC


Arm beat expectations in its first post-IPO earnings report Wednesday. Its low-power chip architecture is in nearly every smartphone, replaced Intel’s x86 processors in Apple’s Mac computers.

Inside Amazon’s Strategy to Redefine Fast Delivery, Again | WSJ


Amazon is the king of fast delivery – it pioneered the free two-day shipping model customers have come to expect.

Why Bitcoin ATMs Are Taking Over Malls And Gas Stations Across The U.S. -CNBC


Bitcoin ATMs, or BTMs, exploded in popularity between 2020 and mid-2022, at the height of the crypto craze. At their peak, BTMs totaled 34,000 across the U.S., according to Coin ATM Radar.

Engineer Explains How the World’s Longest Suspension Bridge Would Work | WSJ


Italy’s parliament has finally approved a plan to build the world’s longest suspension bridge between Sicily and the mainland, an area prone to 170 mph winds, powerful riptides and earthquakes.

San Francisco Is Teeming With Self-Driving Cars And It’s A Mess -CNBC


Self-driving cars without safety drivers behind the wheel have flooded San Francisco streets.

How Tipping Culture Took Over the U.S. | WSJ


You’re being asked to tip more and more places today. If you’re annoyed, you’re not alone. A survey by Bankrate found a third of people are annoyed by those pre-entered tip screens.

How Unprofitable Companies Stay In Business -CNBC


Some firms sustain their businesses by taking on more debt that they likely could never repay. Economists call them zombie companies. When compared to their peers, zombies are smaller in size and deliver lower returns to investors.

Why Americans Fell Out Of Love With Canned Tuna -CNBC


While traditionally, canned tuna was known to be a staple in American homes, consumption rates have fallen dramatically in the past couple of decades. Since 2000, per capita tuna consumption dropped 45.7%.

Will China’s Real Estate Crisis Hit The Global Economy? -CNBC


China's real estate industry is collapsing in slow motion.Major developers like Evergrande and Country Garden remain stuck in spiraling debt problems. So-called 'ghost cities' dot the Chinese countryside.

An initial glut of investor interest in the metaverse has dribbled away -Financial Times


Remember the metaverse? Facebook was so keen on the concept that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg renamed the company Meta. But as the FT’s Hannah Murphy explains, early investor interest has faded.

Why It's Becoming Harder To Get Into Airport Lounges -CNBC


Over the past couple of years, airlines and credit card companies like American, United, Chase and Capital One are investing millions into expanding their airport lounge networks for customers.