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The following image that was published this month on the website DashBurst resurfaced multiple thoughts on convergence as it continues to evolve between traditional security and information systems technologies.


In a recent Forbes, IBM's CEO predicted the following three ways technology will transform the future of business:Business Transformation

Data Analytics Will Revolutionize Decision Making - "Many more decisions will be based on predictive elements versus gut instincts," said Ginni Rometty, IBM's CEO. In most businesses, "leaders and managers interpret information through the lens of their subjective perspective and set of experiences."


"In many ways it is "Back to the Future" of Retail......Technology is bringing back the capabilities to get back in touch with the retail customer. The winners once again will be those that focus on the customer experience, both in store and online." - Tony D'Onofrio

Multiple industry posts this week led to the following question:


"Technology will be your canvas and how you shape your work of art will be totally up to you." - Tony D'Onofrio

My favorite post from last week was from Mashable and it highlighted the 11 "big" tech trends that we will see in 2013. While the list was interesting, more intriguing were the interwoven fundamental business opportunities that these new technologies are driving.


"Loss prevention as a 'profession' is still underway – for many in retailing it is still viewed as being primarily about locks, bolts, alarms, catching thieves and providing muscle in uniform. However, to others it is about making a valuable contribution to the profitability of a business through understanding the root causes of shrinkage and developing solutions that are fit for purpose." Adrian Beck, University of Leicester (UK)

The above quote was on a PowerPoint chart at NRF 2013 in New York a couple of weeks ago in a session titled "Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and the Bottom Line."


"51% of (consumer) respondents said that, in the next eight years (by 2020), they expect retail locations to be showrooms for selecting and ordering products." - CapGemini Study (*)

As a follower of both technology and retail, this is the season to think about what gadgets need to be on the holiday shopping list.


"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." -- John F. Kennedy

Life is either an adventure where you explore opportunities to take advantage of all the changes around you or it is bystander sport where you sit there and watch it going by. My favorite post this week was another reminder on the accelerated pace of change we are all experiencing.


This week's favorite post was a reminder of one of the initial books that started my personal journey in trying to decipher future technology and retail trends by tracking key global indicators and industry influencers. The title of this blog is actually from a quote in John Naisbitt's book Megatrends. His exact words were that "we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge". There are multiple parallels between this past week's favorite post, Naisbitt's book, and emerging retail data trends.

Favorite Post this past week: The Mega-Trends That Are Changing Retail Forever.


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