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As I wrote at the start of 2021, the impact of COVID-19 has delayed the arrival of the new roaring '20s projected pre-pandemic. As the Economist asked in sharing their thoughts on 2021, "do you feel lucky? The number 21 is connected with luck, risk, taking chances and rolling the dice. It’s the number of spots on a standard die, and the number of shillings in a guinea, the currency of wagers and horse-racing." 

From a leadership point of view, I do feel lucky as 2021 has turned out to be an outstanding year. At the beginning of the year, I started a new career as a retail CEO for a global security company. My social media channels continued to grow in 2021 with my favorite now becoming TD Insights Live on YouTube. 

Every minute 500 hours of new content is loaded on YouTube. Have appreciated that in 2021, my personal YouTube views grew by tens of thousands. A new in-home studio major re-design is in progress to expand my passion for visual communications into 2022. 

As we reach the end of year, it's time to reflect on my favorite lucky seven innovation leadership videos of 2021.

The World in 2050: Future Technology - Future Now

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in the future? With mankind developing new technology faster than ever before, its likely our world will be completely different in the next 20 or 30 years than what it is now. Topics covered include: Space Tours and Travel; Advanced Drones; New Energy Sources; Neuroprosthetics; Hardware Implants; Medical Tricorders; Nanotech; and Targeted Treatments.

Amazon....It was Never About the Books - The Prof G Show

On this episode of the Prof G Show, Scott Galloway discusses the legacy of entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.

The Speed of Zara Fast Fashion - TD Insights Live

Zara changes its clothing designs every two weeks on average, while competitors change their designs every two or three months. It carries about 11,000 distinct items per year in thousands of stores worldwide compared to competitors that carry 2,000 to 4,000 items per year in their stores.

The Future of Shopping: What's in Store? - The Economist

The pandemic has upended the way people buy—online retail has soared as high-street shops and malls close. Brands are now racing to exploit one of the most important weapons in the battle for buyers: their customers’ data.

 Five Retailers' Success Strategies for 2021 and Beyond - TD Insights

The following five transformational strategies are critical for retailers in 2021 and beyond. Why?

How the Barcode Made Our Modern Economy - The Lightbulb Moment

Barcodes have radically changed the world, helping fuel the rise of everything from massive companies like Walmart to major world powers like China. And it all started with a man daydreaming on a beach in 1949.

Alibaba's $61+ Billion Live Streaming Retail Shopping Channel - TD Insights

In 2020, Alibaba's Taobao Live Streaming Channels generated over $61 billion USD in GMV. Taobao Live is Alibaba Group’s livestream commerce channel. Watch how the platform has evolved livestreaming technology into the number one way of engaging consumers in China.

Above visual masterpieces are a reminder that this is the age to disrupt or be disrupted. They are also a leading indicator of what is ahead in a post pandemic new world.  

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