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While sitting in the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta observing both weary and excited holiday travelers, four plus million personal air miles later, the realization that another decade is about to end entered my mind. In just a few more days, we begin the perfect vision year 2020.Quotes art Tony

Welcome to the new roaring ‘20s.  In preparing for the new decade, here are three simple exemplary leadership motivational reminders for ultimate success.

Take that Leap of Faith

Roughly 18 months ago I retired very early to pursue opportunities in private equity portfolio companies, startups in Silicon Valley, and continuing to explore the future of retail and emerging technologies. The progress to date decisively reveals that ‘very early’ was not early enough.

We are living in a highly inter-connected world that with proper strategies has endless potential for growth. This is the ideal time to stop dreaming and execute a multi-year passion guided preparation process.

Quotes art deniseDo not get comfortable in whatever career you are currently pursuing. Technology disruption now requires incessant alternative opportunities planning.  Stretch your capabilities by learning new skills and showcase your professional value through personal branding.

Adopt ‘fast fail’ strategies by transitioning aggressively when minimal viable alternatives become available. I retired on Friday and was at my first board meeting for a private equity portfolio company the following Tuesday.

Find and focus on high growth future industries. Six months into my new career, I settled on three technologies: GPS inside stores, artificial intelligence applied to video, and face recognition. Take that leap of faith in following your passions to a fulfilled life.

Treat Time as Your Most Precious Asset

We all hope and believe that we will live a long time. Yet life can be extinguished in the blink of an eye.

This realization was strongly reinforced recently when I unexpectedly lost one of my good friends after he was hit by a car while jogging. In the Intensive Care Unit, it was emotionally very difficult to thank my comatose friend for the decades of memories and friendship.Quotes art Theodor

Work, family, and digital distractions leave little to no time to pursue breakthrough more lucrative initiatives that are the legacy of a successful life. I am using the end of this year to recalibrate current priorities and accelerate hiring professional services for my growing business.

Planning for the long term is important, but it needs to be balanced with living each day as it was your last. Today, time is much more valuable than money.

Always remember that each footstep you take is a memory of the past. As I was reminded late this year, live in the moment for very quickly it can become a potentially very painful memory.

Unceasingly Celebrate Success

Throughout my career I have always been an advocate for strong teamwork. My greatest pleasures have been guiding and observing motivated groups of people coming together towards a common growth mission.

Quotes art MayaLeadership is not being in front carrying and taking credit for the winning flag. It is about empowering people to stretch their capabilities and actively engage in filtering out the best ideas.

Success must always be celebrated. The legendary once a quarter pizza luncheons in my previous career are an example where each direct team member was encouraged to invite other individuals that made them successful. With each slice of pizza and a few mini cannoli that followed, we celebrated the positive milestones and revisited the objectives for continuous improvement.

The power of these simple celebrations was reinforced by a recent visit to one of my former companies. I was moved by the positive response to my short visit and multiple individuals reflecting back on our shared success celebration legacy.

Welcome to the Roaring 2020s

Think back to the revolutionary last 20 years. “E-commerce, mobility, social media, and the sharing economy have all created mega technology companies—and changed the way we all live. Imagine a world without Google, smart phones, social media or Amazon.”

The 2020s will be a decade of accelerated digital transformation and change. It is the perfect time to differentiate and digitally showcase happy new year 4660812 1920your personal / professional brand.  

Believe in yourself and take that leap of faith. If you dreamed about it, with hard work and execution, you will achieve it.

Time is your most valuable asset. Kill the keeping busy items and focus on what drives your passions.

We are a communal species. Find people that inspire you to continuous improvement. Make it a priority to celebrate success.  

It is never too late to get started in shaping the life you always desired. It is not where you start that matters; it’s where you finish that makes all the difference.


In memory of my good friend Hap Patterson. To date, 10,000+ people from around the world have celebrated his positive contributions and humble humanity in my LInkedin Tribute. R.I.P. 

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