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10 Hot Consumer Trends 2019


The latest edition of the annual Ericsson 10 Hot Consumer trends report video evaluates consumer thoughts and predictions on near-future technology including AI, VR, 5G and automation.

Can Artificial Intelligence Tell What a Guilty Person Looks Like?


Facial recognition is going mainstream. The technology is increasingly used by law-enforcement agencies and in schools, casinos and retail stores, spurring privacy concerns - Wall Street Journal

Bose Frames


An example on the evolution of wearables. New Bose Frames which combine audio and augmented reality (AR) into premium sunglasses.

The End of the Beginning


Andreessen Horowitz’ Benedict Evans walks through state-of-innovation, where we are now in software eating the world... and how things may continue to change over the next 10 years.

Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1952 - 2015


WOW on the graphical transition of video games in roughly the last 30 years. What will the future look like with AR and VR?

The First AI scripted commercial is here - Lexus 'Driven by Intuition'


We built an AI, coached it with 15 years' worth of Cannes-Lions-winning car and luxury adverts, and trained it in human intuition, and asked it to write the script for our new Lexus campaign.

Disney’s Stunt Robots Could Change How Hollywood Makes Action Movies


Disney's new "Stuntronics" are flying stunt robots that perform acrobatic feats. How does the technology work?

Introducing Wonderscope: an augmented reality app where kids stories come to life


Combines the power of augmented reality, voice recognition, and spatial story design to immerse children in engaging, educational, and powerful narratives

Dubai Police Start Training on Flying Hoverbike


A year after California-based startup Hoversurf showcased its hoverbike at tech expo GITEX, Dubai's police starts training.

Royole Folding Smartphone


Folding Phone - smarphone to pad are coming your way. Here is one of the first from China's Royole.

NASA: Past, Present and Future


Here's how USA space agency got to tackling some wild projects. What's your favorite NASA project?

Renault EZ-PRO Autonomous Delivery Van


Groupe Renault brings its last-mile delivery vision to life with Renault EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery concept featuring shared customizable robo-pods

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019


Blockchain, artificial intelligence, empowered edge, privacy & ethics, quantum computing, immersive experiences, augmented analytics, autonomous things and digital twins drive Gartner Top 10 for 2019

No more red lights? Connected cars could show the way


Imagine a world where negotiating busy junctions does not require you to wait at a red light and the only reason to stop your car is because you have arrived at your destination.

How Tokyo will Use Technology to transfrom the 2020 Olympics


From 100% renewable energy, medals from old phones, to dirverless cars and here come the robots.