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How the COVID-19 pandemic could change the retail industry -Global News


Experts tell us that measures like contactless shopping and curbside pick up are likely to continue and we may see changes to way we navigate stores. -from Global News

Chinese retailers resume operation - CGTN


China's retail sector is gradually getting back to business. Most optimistic about future despite the disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak & are making efforts to adapt to the changes.

Grocery delivery is a breeze! -Walmart


Get fresh groceries and more with no-contact grocery delivery. It’s easy! Place your order on or in the app. -from Walmart

How J.C. Penney Is Trying To Make A Comeback -CNBC


As of April 2020, J.C. Penney saw its shares trading well below $1, and it has long been in danger of being delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. -from CNBC

A Tour of Freshippo's Newest Store Formats -Alibaba Group


Having started off as a mobile-first supermarket, Alibaba’s New Retail food chain now encompasses a range of store formats to cater to different consumer needs. -Alibaba Group

Future Stores Miami 2020: What You Missed -Rethink Retail


RETHINK Retail headed down to Miami to hear what retailers and vendors are up to in 2020. You'll hear from over 10 industry leaders about what trends are top of mind for bricks. -from Rethink Retail

Why Amazon Has So Many Counterfeit Goods -CNBC


Seizures of counterfeit products at U.S. borders have increased 10 fold over the past two decades as e-commerce sales have boomed.  Most are coming from mainland China or Hong Kong. -from CNBC

We go inside Amazon's brand-new grocery store (no cashiers in sight) -CNET


Amazon Go Grocery lets you shop for fresh produce and just walk out, no wallet required. -from CNET

How U.S. Consumers Help Prop Up The World Economy -CNBC


Many Wall Street economists feel it’s the US consumer who’s keeping another recession at bay. Here’s how US consumers help keep the global economy afloat. -from CNBC The Future of Retail is the largest online retailer in China. With over 300 million customers, we have a vast network of warehouses and delivery stations, and deliver most orders in less than a day.

Before Alexa - Banned Version with Bonus Scenes -Amazon


You saw what we did #BeforeAlexa, but we didn’t show you all of it… watch the banned version now. -From Amazon

Albert Heijn's digital store opens at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


From Albert Heijn Communicatie

How AutoZone Is Holding Off Amazon... For Now - CNBC


Auto parts retailer AutoZone and its closest competitors are for now fending off competition from e-commerce giants such as Amazon by offering a lot of in-store service. - From CNBC

Four Trends in Consumer Tech - a16z


Now that mobile has finished taking over the world, is consumer tech over? Despite the sometimes gloomy headlines, there’s a lot of innovation brewing just below the surface. - From a16z

Building a Department Store of the Future - NRF


Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store concept that turns shopping into a social, immersive experience. - From NRF