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CBRE Future of Retail 2030


The retail industry is rewriting the laws of physics. Change is coming at an ever faster rate each year and 2030 will be upon us before we know it.

Retailers May Send Robots to Your Door


The retail robots are coming - Bloomberg Television

6 Stats That Show the State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Retail


Global annual spending on AI by retailers estimated to reach $7.3 billion by 2022 - Welcome.AI

Ten trends for the fashion industry to watch in 2019


McKinsey research establishes a common understanding of the forces at work in fashion and identifies where the top priorities, both business and creative, are for 2019.

Futuristic Shopping at EuroCIS 2019


No shopping without a smartphone? A view of shopping in the future from the just completed EuroCIS trade event in Germany this past week. Digital technology rules. 

Beyond the buzz: State of retail 2019


Scott Galloway, Professor at the NYU & Founder of L2, at NRF 2019 on the key to companies increasing revenue 20-30% over the next five year & doubling their stock price is the business model.

Top Predictions For Retail in 2019


2019 will the year of Service-led retail, yesterday’s customer service rep transformed into an Intelligent Personal Shopping Assistant. 50% of total searchers using voice search in 2020. - Moni Media

Chinese Shopper Behavior 2019


China will overtake USA as the world’s biggest retail market in 2019. JD has announced plans to open 185 drone airports in Southwest China to use for deliveries. - Moni Group

Ready for the Retail Robots?


From an Amazon robot distribution center to a Walmart robot floor scrubber, multiple examples on the robotic invasion coming to retail. Yes, Pepper makes another visit - BBC Click

Retailers are embracing voice-based technology


Smart voice assistants are slowly but surely making their way into our homes and lives, and we expect a similar trend in the retail world.

The Europe Retail Digital Experience in 2019


From IDC EMEA, an analysis of European retail trends.

Fujitsu's Store of the Future


The Fujitsu's Store of the Future, with the Self-Checkout Gate making at appearance at NRF 2019. delivering the future of shopping


The future of retail is “Boundaryless Retail” – the idea of enabling consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it, online, offline, or even virtually. A future view.

TrendWatching | Exploring Magic Point Of Sale


Consumers expect to summon retail experiences as they would a genie from a lamp, call forth from a phone, personal assistant, smart speaker or even physical environment.

Nike House Of Innovation preview


Nike's new NYC flagship store is fueled by its mobile app. The “House of Innovation” is the blueprint for its future retail locations.

Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and a vision for the future of retail


Every surface, screen and scanner in their stores will create data – and enable employees to act up on it.

How Sears went from innovation to bankruptcy


Over its 130-year history, Sears has sold watches, clothes, farm machinery, appliances and even houses.

The Retail Renaissance


A year ago, people were talking about the death of retail. But the reality? “We’re having a retail renaissance,” says Goldman Sachs.

Look Who is Scrubbing the Floors at Walmart


Much like a self-driving car, the Auto-C Autonomous Cleaner uses assisted autonomy technology to clean and polish floors, freeing up associates to take care of other tasks.

Oh no! Seems like someone forgot to pay


From Klarna, by connecting digital billboards to stores alarm systems, shoplifters got unexpected real life push notifications. A different tech look on visual potential theft deterrence.