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According to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer 2013-2014, retailers lost $128.51 billion to retail theft. As indicated in the previously published video summary, the cost of retail crime to honest consumers averages $403 in USA, 184 Euros in Europe, 845 in Hong Kong Dollars in Asia Pacific, and $143 in Latin America.  

The highest stolen categories included make-up products, fashion accessories, power tools, mobile accessories, wine and spirits. After multiple years of positive growth, can personally confirm that retailers are increasing the level of source tagging of high shrink consumer items.  For apparel that source protection is extending to millions of dual technology EAS / RFID hard tags.  One secure carrier for both shrink protection and inventory visibility.  Welcome to the Internet of Things. 

Top 10 Global Retail Shrink Takeaways - 2014 vs 2013 Infographic

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