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How We Are Going to the Moon - 4K


We are returning to the Moon – to stay – and this is how we are going! -from NASA

How drones and air taxis could transform our skies | FT


From drone deliveries to helicopter taxis, the low-fly economy is on the brink of changing our skies forever. But how will we prevent chaos above our heads? -from Financial Times

Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft on Its Way to the Space Station -NASA


In this video, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley take viewers on a tour of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that will take them on a 19 hour journey to their new home in orbit.

Drones Delivering Medicine -BBC Click


We look at a drone service in Ireland that is delivering medicine to the elderly in Ireland. -from BBC Click

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020 -MIT Technology Review


Every year, MIT Technology Review picks 10 recent technological breakthroughs that we predict will have a big impact in the years to come. -from MIT Technology review

Drones v COVID-19 -BBC Click


We look at how drones are being used in the battle against the coronavirus. -From BBC Click

EDGE Sky Deck at Hudson Yards, NYC's NEWEST Attraction (Worth It ?) -Here Be Barr


NYC's Newest attraction, located 100 stories above Manhattan . Should you put the Edge on your next itinerary or is it a tourist trap? -from Here Be Barr

Inside the Boeing 737 MAX Scandal That Rocked Aviation -WSJ


Boeing’s two 737 MAX 8 crashes and the investigation that followed ruined not just the aircraft manufacturer’s reputation but also its bottom line. WSJ breaks down how the scandal unfolded. -from WSJ

6 People Who Predicted the Future With Stunning Accuracy -ColdFusion


With the current acceleration of innovation, it's a little easier to imagine what the future may hold than ever before. But in the past it was a great deal harder. -from ColdFusion

Where might humans live in space? -FT


If the Earth becomes uninhabitable because of climate change, humans will have to look elsewhere. The FT's Kiran Stacey explores the options for interplanetary living. -from Financial Times

What your commute will look like in 2050 -FT


Urban mobility is being transformed below ground, on the streets and in the air. Financial Times investigates the range of technologies set to revolutionize how we travel. -from FinancialTimes

The future of cyber security -FT


Around the world, cyber crime is on the rise. By 2050, smart cities and homes will be the norm. In this hyper-connected world, the threat cyber-criminals pose will only grow. -from Financial Times

5G and Face Recognition in China


Security Application in China of 5G and Facial Recognition. -From LEGOO MANDARIN DAVID YAO

Test Driving Electric Cars Around the World -WSJ


Dozens of new electric-vehicle models are expected to arrive at dealerships in the next few years. We sent 8 WSJ reporters in 4 countries to see if they, and the world, are ready to make the switch.

How to Make a Viral TikTok (Or At Least Try) - WSJ


What is TikTok? What’s a TikTok meme? How do you make a viral TikTok—aka a banger? WSJ set out to get answers to the questions about the hottest social media app—and danced along the way.