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The Art of the Car Chase


Entertaining car montage from 50 different movies. How many of the movies do you recognize? Buckle your seatbelt and have a fun six minute ride.

The Power of Observation


This UK car commercial is a great test on your powers of observations. What did you see?

Do You Have the Power?


Meet George. He has a power that we all share. You too can change the world. Be endlessly curious.

Il Volo - Grande Amore


Il Volo "Grande Amore" -- Viral video from the just completed 2015 Sanremo Italian Annual Song Festival. Can you guess the American movie scenes in the music video?

2015 No.1 USA SuperBowl Commercial: Budweiser "Lost Dog"


According to the USA Today 2015 Ad Meter results, the number one (of the 61) television commercials aired in Super Bowl XLIX was Budweiser "Lost Dog". Third win in a row.

Google - Year in Search 2014


Google summary of the top 2014 online searches summarized in a 90 seconds video.

Twas The Night Before Christmas


Canadian airline WestJet classic 2013 Christmas Viral Marketing Video. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

The Most Epic Airline Safety Video


From Air New Zealand, the most epic airline safety video ever celebrating the third and final film of The Hobbit Trilogy. Flying safety tips from dwarves, orcs, and elves. Buckle your seat belt.

KLM Lost & Found service


Viral video viewed over 10 million times of Sherlock, the super puppy showcasing his talents as part of KLM's Lost & Found Service. Turns out the puppy was hired for this commercial & is not on staff.

A Farewell Video


Ahead of his final playing days, USA Baseball Player Derek Jeter soaks in the atmosphere on a walk in the Bronx. Inspiring video on doing it your way

Greatest Discoveries Are Inside you


From Intel, a reminder that the greatest discoveries in life are inside you. Discover what is possible.

2014 Commencement Inspiration


Inspiring commencement address from Indiana University student Parker Mantell, "Doubt kills more dreams than failure, yet if that was a disease, its cure would be confidence."

Stand By Me


A great video that I've often used in global presentations on the power of unifying ideas across cultures. Amazing results on what happens when we all sing with one global voice.

2014 Award Winning TV Commercial


Honda delivered the Number 1 award winning commercial at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Creative approach to showcase the entire Honday product line.