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3 Major Changes To Job Interviews You Should Prepare For | Forbes


The current pandemic has changed up the game in new ways, so there are a few additional things you need to be ready for if you want to stand out and secure a great next step in your career. -Forbes

Covid-19: what will happen to the global economy? | The Economist


Will the economic shock caused by imposing lockdown prove more costly than the pandemic itself? How could an economic recession shift the global balance of power? -from The Economist

Choose Your Own Adventure | The World’s Largest Model Railway -Great Big Story


Great Big Story on Miniatur Wunderland world's largest model railway. Located in Hamburg, Germany, 1,000 trains, traveling 16,000 kilometers (10 miles) of track. -from Great Big Story

The Power of Silence: Why Silent People Are Successful -TopThink


If silence can make you successful and happy in your life, why aren’t more people hearing about the power of silence? -from TopThink

What Happens to Elevators After Covid-19?


Modern cities are intrinsically reliant on these vertical transports which, in light of the global pandemic, can carry new risk factors. -from Bloomberg QuickTake Originals

Covid-19: will coronavirus kill the office? | The Economist


The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift towards remote working. This could affect not just people’s working lives, but the shape of cities, gender equality and even how we measure time.

Can the airline sector recover? | CNBC Reports


Demand for air travel was predicted to grow to 8.2 billion passengers by 2037, but that was before the Covid-19 pandemic brought economies to a halt. -from CNBC International

Why 'The Mandalorian' Uses Virtual Sets Over Green Screen | Movies Insider


LED walls are revolutionizing filmmaking by projecting 3D environments in real time behind actors to provide the illusion of being in a physical location. -from Insider

What to Expect When You Fly in the Future | WSJ


Air travel is full of opportunities for coronavirus transmission. Touchless check-in, plexiglass shields, temperature checks, and more are now part of the flying experience. -from WSJ

How the Pandemic Could Transform Higher Ed | WSJ


Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to long-term changes in higher education? -From WSJ

The eclipse photo that made Einstein famous -Vox


In 1919, a total solar eclipse helped redefine gravity. -from Vox

Why The Stock Market Is Up With 42 Million Americans Out Of Work -CNBC


While the U.S. economy is showing signs of life as businesses reopen and job growth rebounds, the gap between the real economy and the stock market remains unusually wide. -From CNBC

What Happens To Frequent Flyer Miles If An Airline Goes Bankrupt? -CNBC


What happens to frequent flyer miles when almost no one is flying and can an airline loyalty program survive if an airline goes bankrupt? -From CNBC

The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Greece to Argentina


FRANCE 24 brings you four reports on the New Normal from our correspondents around the globe.

Covid-19: why the economy could fare worse than you think | The Economist


Three months after lockdown was relaxed in China, its economy is now running at around 90% of normal levels. It is better than a severe lockdown, but it is far from normal. -from The Economist

When Cities Were Cesspools of Disease | Nat Geo Explores


Cities of the 19th century were breeding grounds for disease. Find out how poor living conditions played a role and how the discovery of the germ led to public health reforms still seen today.

Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA in 4K (Ultra HD) -Amazing Places on Our Planet


Long day hike to the top of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, with outstanding views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Half Dome, Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra. -from Amazing Places on Our Planet

How Zoom Stumbled Into Success -Bloomberg


Months ago, Zoom was just a fast-growing startup in the somewhat boring enterprise communication space. Today, Zoom has become a household name. Here’s how it happened. -from Bloomberg

Lockdown Around the World | National Geographic


Five filmmakers documented their cities under lockdown in 360. This is what they saw. -from National Geographic

Switzerland in 4K -Jeff Amador


Having spent multiple years in Switzerland, it's time for all of us to enjoy a virtual visit during this lockdown.