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Loss Prevention Research Council Weekly Series - Episode 55 - Most Productive Country and World's Largest Retailers

With Dr. Read Hayes, Tony D'Onofrio, and Tom Meehan

Loss Prevention Research Council Weekly Series - Episode 55 - Most Productive Country and World's Largest Retailers Listen

The Top 5 highest value startups in the world

No.1 is from China and its Bytedance who is the parent of TikTok is valued at $140 billion

No. 2 is Stripe; a Fintech start up in USA valued at $95 billion

No.3 is SpaceX also in USA value at $74 billion

No.4 is Didi Chuxing based in China and focusing on transportation value at 62 billion

No.5 is Instacart based in USA and valued at $39 billion.

Electric Car vs Gas Costs: Which Truly Saves You the Most Money?

Morgan Stanley predicts that 72% of all car sales will be electric by the year 2040.

Average six-year cost for an electric car when you consider how long it lasts, purchase price and tax credit is $71,770.  Electrics cars save you money yearly, but it costs more upfront.

For a gas-powered car, the average six-year total cost based on longevity, and purchase price is $58,664. Gas cars save you more in six years.

How productive is an hour of work?

Figures from the OECD reveal the countries in which the average hour of work contributes the most to GDP. 

No.1 is Ireland where an hour’s work contributes $102.7 in GDP or economic contribution to the economy.

No.2 is Luxembourg at $94.8 GDP contribution

No.3 is Norway at $84.3

No.4 is the United States at $71.8 contribution

No.5 is France at 67.5

Lowest contributions from an hour’s work to GDP are Mexico, Russia, and Greece.

The global race to full vaccination

Data is as of April 19.

No.1 is Israel at 57.4%

No.2 Chile at 27.6%

No.3 is Bahrain at 27.2%

No.4 is USA at 24.7%

No. 5 is Serbia at 18%.

Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing 2021 – A favorite annual report on the global top 250 global retailers

The top 10 global retailers of 2021 are Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Schwarz Group (Lidl), Kroger, Walgreen Boots, Home Depot, Aldi, CVS, and Tesco.

The only shift in 2021 was Amazon moving to the No.2 largest global retailer and Costco dropping to Number 3.

The top 10 global retailers represented nearly 33% of all the retail revenue for the top 250 global retailers.

On average the top 10 retailers have operations in 13 countries. For the overall top 250 retailers, the average number of countries where they do business is 11.

The compounded annual growth rate for the global top 250 retailers was 5%. Profit margin 2.4%. And the percentage of revenue from foreign operations was 22.5%.

For the global top 250 retailers, North America leads in total revenue at $2,285 billion, Europe is second with $1,618, Asia is third with $786 billion, LATAM is fourth at $91 billion, and Africa / Middle East at $68 billion.

Highest retail growth was in Asia at 7.1%, followed by Latin America at 6.2%, Europe at 4.2%, Africa / Middle East at 3.8%, and last North America 3.6%.

For the top 250 global retails, 66% of the revenue is from fast moving consumer goods (food & drug), 19% is from hardlines and leisure goods, 10% from apparel and accessories, and 5% from diversified.

The net profit margin for apparel and accessories was 6.9%, the lowest margin was for fast moving goods at 2%. For hardgoods and leisure the net margin was 4.4%.

Twelve new retailers from around world joined the top 250 retailers in the 2021 report. Nine out of the 12 are from Asia, indicating the rising power of their retail markets. Two are from Europe and one is from the United States.

Of the top 50 Fastest Growing Retailers, nine are in the United States, 4 each are in China, France, Mexico, and Russia.

Summarizing this week:

  • Startups are still a vibrant part of our lives and it’s to see so much innovation, even here at LPRC.
  • Electric cars are coming and will be interesting to watch what happens to leaders such as Tesla.
  • We have a lot we can learn from Ireland on making the economy run more efficient.
  • The global race for vaccines is important and will determine how fast we return to the new normal.
  • The top 250 retailers reinforce the importance of the Food / Mass Merchandise sectors. Also reminds us about squeezing all those pennies for profitability. LPRC is a great place to experiment for new ideas to do this.

What Country Employees is Most Productive and Civil Unrest is Resurging! In this week’s episode, our co-hosts discuss these topics and more, including a Vaccination Global Leaderboard, Top 5 Highest Value Start Ups, Electric Car Market is Changing, Privacy Changes on IOS are Occurring, and the Largest Global Retailers are Identified. Listen in to stay updated on hot topics in the industry and more!