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"Too many people think they know how to lead, not fully understanding what that really means.  Foundational elements of great leadership includeMichael Anthony D'Onofrio willingness to work with others, readiness to cooperate, achieving common success goals, and building strong teams.  Poor leaders want the position for the power.  Exceptional leadership derives from confidence in yourself, knowing who you are, building on your strengths, and leveraging team members to mitigate your weaknesses.  Leadership is a team sport." -- Michael D'Onofrio

A Poem on Leadership from guest blogger, my son, Michael Anthony D'Onofrio

We live in a world, where power goes to the head.  Where we have to ask ourselves, “Can I sleep with myself?” Before we go to bed.

It’s a world of me, myself, and I. Where we simply just turn a blind eye, but is that how you want it to be, the moment that you die?

Just you alone, a stone, and a lonely grave, instead of choosing to be brave?

We live shrouded in guilt, only willing to grasp the sword by the hilt. Not even testing the blade. Is settling a good enough reason to be afraid?

In this grim reality, confidence is absent from personality.  All that leads us are our fears, fears that society so often steers.

Society always tells us to go for the gold, but I say let's break that mold.  Go for the platinum. Put away the rose.  Reach for the cardamom.

See I sat paralyzed, until I realized, that the reason I freeze, the reason none of this was a breeze, was I put fear BEFORE confidence, passion BEHIND competence.

Now I speak with my heart. Ready to admit at this part.  That I am me and me is what I will be.  And when I go, when I become another of life’s ebb and flow, my life will not only be me, but all the world around me that I see. 

I will TAKE MY TURN, I will choose to learn.  Not hide.  Not simply abide.

Life is too short for anything else.  So why not just be yourself? The key to unity is not about being all the same.  It's accepting all your diversity. Not just watching the game.

Wear your heart on your sleeve.  Take pride in what you do, and anything else you will be able to make it through. Turn away from all the mediocrity, Choose a life that shows the world ALL your diversity.  

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