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Smart retail: why shoppers appreciate the power of artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence can help you offer your customers personalised ads and shopping experiences just by analysing data about their preferences and habits.

The retail store of the future has no checkout lines


How many times have you decided to make a quick stop at your local supermarket to grab one item, and then got stuck in a long checkout line? Probably too many.

Seamless shopping and grab-and-go are the future of retail


For consumers weaned on smartphones, social media, and next-day delivery, conventional retail is often a let-down. They expect the frictionless purchasing they’ve come to expect from e-commerce.

Alibaba Fashion AI, A Retail Technology Breathing New Life Into Traditional Offline Retailing


Alibaba Group artificial intelligence system is ready to recommend your next outfit at a concept store in Hong Kong showcasing a new model for the digitization of fashion retail.

What to Do in the Event of a Flash Mob Theft


Newly released surveillance video shows a "flash mob of thieves” striking an Apple Store. Seconds was all it took to make off with $27,000 worth of products. From Inside Edition

Walmart Drones May Be Showing You Around Stores In The Future


The big box retailer recently published a slew of patent filings that could reshape the shopping experience. They paint an increasingly robotic picture of the future of retail.



Only a fraction of the $1T grocery market has moved online. On-demand delivery is prohibitively expensive for retailers Can this fleet of self-driving vehicles power grocery services for retailers?

5 Technologies Changing Shopping Malls Forever


Forgot your wallet at home? "Let’s go to the mall today!" Agree with No.1. Which is your favorite?

Vidinoti - Augmented Retail Concepts.


From Vidinoti, some visual ideas on how augmented reality will change how you shop.

Visual Art INNOVATION - H&M Voice Interactive Mirror


A new tech solution, H&M Voice Interactive Mirror, is now running live in the worlds’ largest H&M Flagship store at Times Square, NYC. A customer experience totally based on voice and face recognition

Accenture Latvia Liquid Studio proof of concept for fashion retail industry


Get a new fashion look without leaving home? Accenture Latvia’s Digital Twin App + Extended Reality = Retail Fashion Revolution. See how you look in different clothes and combinations.

IoT powered Intelligent Retail


IoT-connected devices, such as beacons, video cameras, digital signage, and smart shelves provide access to huge amounts of new data on customer activity and present more customer engagement.

Retail Stores of the Future: Supermarket 2020


Symphony RetailAI has identified key trends for reinventing the grocery industry with “Supermarket 2020” findings.

Shelfie fully autonomous shelf-scanning robot


The Shelfie robot developed by D+I uses computer vision to understand the retail shelf environment and alert staff about anything that needs help.

Shopping with Augmented Reality


A Patio Interactive concept video of retail shopping with Augmented Reality co-produced by PwC for NRF. Key to future of retail is the ending.