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Inditex Deployment of RFID


Inditex RFID Deployment - As Chaiman & CEO Pablo Isla said, the implementation o fthis next generation technology is "one of the most significant changes in how the Group's stores operate".

The Power of Customer Advocacy


Here is a fan-made Tesla commercial which the company labeled as a "stunning video"and then helped it go viral.

Belk Store of The Future


Concept ideas from Belk Department Stores in the United States on how they envision improving the onmichannel customer experience

Mobile Revolution


Infographic video on how the MOBILE REVOLUTION will reshape the consumer sector...77% of the world's population have a mobile phone..."Every generation needs a new revolution" - Thomas Jefferson

Burberry Future Retail Store in London


Predictions on the future Apple Retail Store. Physical & digital converge with the feeling of walking into the web site at London’s Burberry future store. Onmichannel retailing in action.

A Virtual Interactive Store


Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea