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The Store Brand Ambassador


Retailers have a very valuable often under-utilized asset in the store being met by an ever more knowledgeable digitally empowered consumer.

The Store of the Future


Focusing on the most important person in the retail store is obvious, yet getting harder because of so many digital disruptions. It is time to bring in the ambassadors.

The Need for Retail Speed


My take on the need for greater retail innovation speed and the two global forces driviing it.

The Disruptive Future of Retail


Here are the three megatrends driving the disruptive future of retail. A fourth which is taking shape right now will be discussed in future videos / presentations.

Why Clicks Need Bricks


Successful Clicks will continue to open physical stores. As Walmart has clearly demonstrated, actual stores are a very profitable asset to overall omnichannel growth.

The Sensormatic Story - "Culture eats strategy for breakfast"


Here is a video example reminder of the Peter Drucker quote on the power of culture from Sensormatic, an iconic Loss Prevention Retail Leadership Brand.

The Disruptive Future of Retail


December 2017 edition of the constantly updated "Disruptive Future of Retail" leadership innovation presentation. From latest trends to successful strategies that will drive the industry forward.

Tony D'Onofrio Predicts the Future of Retail


And the Role that Loss Prevention had in its evolution. Welcome to the disruptive future of retail

Tony D'Onofrio of Tyco Retail Solutions Predicts the Future of Retail


Retail Influencer on LinkedIn and Digital Futurist talks about where shopping is headed in 2020 & beyond. An LPNewsNetwork Production.

Never Forget to Say Thank you


At work and in life always remember that we are in a team sport. Be appreciative and continuously celebrate milestones along the way.

The Disruptive Future of Retail


Retail is at the threshold of a new era. Look to Asia for example of the future. Big data the key to reacting faster to global consumer trends.

Marketing as the Branding Voice


Being extremely passionate about customers and finding the branding voice to industry leadership through marketing.

Globalization is a Retail Opportunity


Branding and positive customer experiences lead to an open world of retail opportunities.

Change is Your Friend


Change is a prerequisite to success. Embrace continuous learning for a bright future ahead.

Finding Your Passion


Every day is an amazing opportunity to change the world for yourself and those around you. Introducing my new video series.