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Visual Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Retail


In POS deployments protecting over $400 billion in retailers' revenue across 75,000+ checkout lanes, the average sales uplift has been 0.5% and the margin increase a substantial 20%.

Surprising 2020 Retail Holiday Predictions


52% of consumers have not been to a mall or department stores since the start of the pandemic. Nearly 700 million gifts will not arrive on time. Welcome to a 2020 pandemic disrupted holiday season.

Why Crime Does NOT Pay


In total, more than 70 million Americans have a criminal record of some kind. For those nearly 8 million Americans that have been incarcerated, their lifetime earnings declined an astounding 52%.

Smile: You're on a Security Camera 230+ Times per Week -TDInsights Live


Have you ever wondered how many times and where each of us in USA is filmed by a security camera each week? A new research study has the answers. -from TDInsights Live

Livestreaming and Video-First Future Shopping -TDInsights Live


Livestreaming hits multiple major disruptive chords critical to the future of retail. Over the last three years this new retail ecommerce model has grown 453% and in 2020 will reach $129 billion.

Deadly 2020 Spikes in Retail Violence


Of the 253 total retail fatalities in the first half of the year, 28% were suspects, 40% were customers, 26% were associates, and 6% were law enforcement / security personnel. -from TDInsights Live

The Future of Retail RFID -TDInsights Live


Pre-COVID-19, RFID in apparel was on a roll. Volumes finished at 10.3 billion at the end 2019, up 18% from the previous year. -from TDInsights Live

Post COVID-19 Top Retail Tech


Post COVID-19 digitization will increase across harmonized retail channels. Online will need to keep searching for the human connection. Four technologies will increase in their importance.

What Distressed Consumers Miss Most and the Permanent Changes Ahead -TD Insights Live


Amazingly in just these two months, more money was spent online than the last 12 Cyber Mondays combined. What are the top 5 activities that stressed consumers miss most? -from TDInsights Live

COVID-19: The Brutal Retail Industry Accelerator


Contrary to popular beliefs, all retail sales are NOT moving online. For USA, various forecasts have ecommerce reaching 20% to 21% of industry sales in 2020. -from TD Insights

The Growing Use of Facial Recognition -TDInsights Live


Facial recognition is now in use in 98 countries, 12 others have approved it, and only 3 have banned it. Greater legislative scrutiny is needed in clarifying the rules and regulations of it.

Small Business Success in the Post COVID-19 New Normal -TDInsights Live


In the lockdown phase, $250 billion in revenue was transferred from smaller companies that were forced to close to large companies that continued to stay open. -from TDInsights Live

The New World Norm


As a first guest in this new video podcast produced by Tim Moore, Director of Global Loss Prevention at Swarovski, I examine the post COVID-19 "new normal".

Leadership Skills for the Post COVID-19 "New Normal"


Digital transformation is ahead that requires intensified focus on innovation, continuous learning, and stepping up your communication skills.

The Post COVID 19 "New Normal" -TD Insights


COVID-19 was an unexpected shock to global economic order. Much like a war, this health crisis will change how you work, go to school, have fun, and even how you shop. -from TD Insights