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The Best Covid-19 Home Test: PCR-Like Gadgets vs. Rapid Antigen Kits | WSJ


New high-tech Covid-19 tests promise better and earlier detection of the virus—similar to a PCR test.

This $50 Trillion Bet on Blockchain Could Change An Industry -Bloomberg Quicktake


Blockchain may one day eliminate inefficiencies and lack of transparency in supply chains. While slow in coming, this revolution would benefit not only customers and brands, but the “invisible" worker

Why Moderna Doesn't Own Its Covid Vaccine -CNBC


The multi-billion-dollar patent war over the mRNA coronavirus vaccine has grabbed the attention of the likes of many leaders.

3G Is Shutting Down. I Brought My iPhone 4 Back to Life to Say Goodbye. | WSJ


Starting in February, U.S. cellular carriers will begin to shut down 3G.

How The North Face Competes With Patagonia -CNBC


North Face has competed in the space outfitting mountain climbers and skiers. But the outdoor recreation brand is now hoping to become a significant player in the $185 billion streetwear market.

5G Service Launches Amid Flight-Safety Uncertainty | WSJ


Airlines canceled some flights before a new 5G wireless service rolled out, even after Verizon and AT&T agreed to limit the signal around U.S. airports.

Why Air Rage Cases Are Skyrocketing -CNBC


In 2021, airlines were on track to record more cases of air rage than in the past 30 years combined.

Why The U.S. Has A Massive Lithium Supply Problem -CNBC


Electric vehicle growth will be responsible for more than 90% of demand for lithium by 2030. But today, the U.S. is far behind, with only 1% of global lithium being mined and processed in the USA.

Rise And Fall Of America's Favorite Tech Gadgets -CNBC


Here's the rise and fall of some of the biggest brands from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

India Is Doing Space Travel, on a Budget -Bloomberg Quicktake


India is one of only a handful of nations that have sent probes to the moon and Mars. But the most impressive part of its space program is its cost-effectiveness

How Companies Are Overhauling Supply Chains to Ease Bottlenecks | WSJ


The Covid pandemic has strained global supply chains, causing freight backlogs that have driven up costs. Now, some companies are looking for longer-term solutions.

Most Expensive Construction Mistakes In The World -Tech Vision


Today we’re donning our hard-hats and exploring the most expensive construction mistakes in the world

China’s Zero-Covid Strategy Tested Ahead of Winter Olympics | WSJ


From mass tests to lockdowns, China is on high-alert to keep the coronavirus at bay ahead of the Winter Olympics. WSJ examines the zero-Covid strategy

How Chicken Became An American Obsession -CNBC


Here's how chicken took over America.

Why Traffic Is So Bad In Los Angeles -CNBC


Los Angeles consistently ranks among the most traffic-clogged cities in America. The county has been trying to reduce its traffic for decades and nothing has worked