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Coronavirus: airlines face unprecedented crisis -FT


Airlines around the world have grounded large parts of their fleets and announced plans to lay off thousands of staff as they attempt to survive an international shutdown. -from Financial Times

The Fall Of The Business Suit - Cheddar Explains


Over the last few decades, the classic suit and tie has become a rare sight in offices across the United States. Today, 50% of reported companies allow for casual wear in the office. -from Cheddar

What It’s Like to Take a Drive Through Coronavirus Test -WSJ


As coronavirus spreads across the world, countries are setting up drive-through clinics to make it easier for their citizens to get tested. WSJ visited a test site to see how it works. -from WSJ

How Many Disinfecting Wipes Can Your Smartphone's Screen Take? -WSJ


Cleaning your phone can be a solid coronavirus-prevention practice but how much is too much? What products are OK to use? WSJ got answers by scrubbing a brand new iPhone 8. -from Wall Street Journal

Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you -Vox


The World Health Organization officially classified Covid-19 as a pandemic. The coronavirus has now spread around the world, and will continue to reach into other countries and communities. -from Vox

Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The US -CNBCMakeIt


What does it take to be happy? Finland and Denmark have consistently topped the United Nations' World Happiness Report, in all six areas of life satisfaction. -From CNBCMakeIt

How will we work in 2050? -FT


A Financial Times property correspondent looks at how workers' privacy will come under pressure as technology such as facial recognition and location services are introduced. -from Financial Times

Worst Places for Over Tourism in 2020 -MojoTravels


Some places, no matter how beautiful, are simply too crowded to make for a pleasant or guilt-free visit. -MojoTravels

How To Survive A Plane Crash - Tech Insider


Airplane accidents have a 95.7% survivability rate. When it comes to flying, there are some things you can do to increase their chances of survival.  -Tech Insider

Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains


What exactly is coronavirus, and what's the best way to protect yourself? We checked if surgical masks really keep you healthy, and what you should do instead. - From Cheddar

The white lie we've been told about Roman statues - Vox


The ancient world was actually really colorful. - From Vox

Hold Nothing Back This New Year - Nike


Every Lunar New Year, Chinese people all over the world engage in a time honored tradition where money is gifted in little red envelopes. Enjoy the new year chase. - Nike

10 Of The Biggest Movie Flops Of The Decade - Insider


In the 2010s, not even bankable stars, big marketing campaigns or impressive CGI could guarantee box office success. Each of these films reportedly lost over $100 million dollars each.- From Insider

These Companies Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago - Fortune Magazine


As we start the new decade, now you can’t remember life without them, right?

The Decade in Review: 2010-2019 - Yahoo Finance


From Trump's election to the first black hole image, a lot has happened in the past 10 years. Here is a recap of just a few of the major headlines - From Yahoo Finance