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Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of Everything -CNBC


The United States is experiencing a shortage in rubber, sand and people. Rubber is a critical raw material needed for car tires, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and more.

How China Plans to Win the Future of Energy -Bloomberg Quicktake


China, the world’s biggest polluter, has committed to reach net zero emissions by 2060, an ambitious goal matched by enormous investments that are reshaping the nation’s energy system.

How The World's Tallest Statue Was Built -Tech Vision


182 metres tall and decorated with 12,000 uniquely-crafted bronze panels, India’s 50-storey Statue Of Unity is a triumph of aesthetics and engineering.

The Federal 'No-Fly' List, for Unruly Passengers Explained | WSJ


A spike of unruly passenger incidents prompted some in the aviation industry to request a federal “no-fly” list. But some lawmakers argue that such a list would be unconstitutional.

U.S. vs. China: The Tech and Design Behind Space-Tourism Rockets | WSJ


China is joining the space-tourism industry pioneered by U.S. companies. WSJ compares the vehicles from Blue Origin and CAS Space.

Why The EV Industry Has A Massive Supply Problem -CNBC


The United States has a lithium supply problem. Lithium-ion batteries are in everything we use in phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and increasingly cars.

What Causes Long Covid and Who Is Most at Risk? | WSJ


New studies offer clues about who may be more susceptible to long Covid, a term for lingering Covid-19 symptoms.

Why Commercial Planes Are Shrinking - Cheddar


For decades, flying the distance was synonymous with jumbo jets, but today narrow-body aircraft are now proving they are up for the task.

How Airships Could Overcome a Century of Failure -Bloomberg Quicktake


A new breed of airships seeks to take flight and provide a greener solution for both luxury travel and heavy industry.

Cars Are Safer But New Tech Brings Risk -CNBC


Car safety was once an afterthought, but now automakers brag about their safety ratings from groups like IIHS or NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program.

These Companies Are Making Billions From At-Home Tests -CNBC


The at-home testing market is bigger than just Covid tests. The emerging marketplace of consumer-initiated lab testing may be worth over $2 billion dollars by 2025.

Why The Future Of The Oscars And Emmys Might Be In Jeopardy -CNBC


The Oscars and Emmys are the two oldest entertainment award ceremonies. Making their broadcasting debut to millions of televisions in the 1950s.

How did Hertz bounce back from bankruptcy? | FT Big Deal


When the pandemic hit America’s shores, it crippled car-rental giant Hertz. -from Financial Times

Inside New York's One-Of-A-Kind Water System - Cheddar


Getting water from upstate reservoirs to the taps of over 8.5 million people in New York City is no easy feat.

Why All Apps Look Suddenly The Same - Cheddar Explains


The world of mobile app design is changing quickly, and it’s farewell to color, quirks and exotic fonts.