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Why Your Uber and Lyft Rides Are So Expensive | WSJ


Rides may never cost what they did before the pandemic. Your average Uber or Lyft ride cost 50% more this summer than before the pandemic. But prices were inching up even before lockdowns began.

How The Burj Khalifa Was Built -VISION


Dubai, fuelled by the wealth that comes with being a major oil hub, has grown by close to 600% in population in the last 30 years. -VISION

Vaccine Efficacy Numbers, Explained | WSJ


Recent studies have shown that the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines is decreasing, though experts say the shots still work well. WSJ explains what the numbers mean.

How City Design Is Making Heat Waves Deadlier - Cheddar Explains


We all know that the world is getting hotter thanks to climate change. But you may not know that cities are getting the hottest.

What One Winemaker's Pricing Decisions Tell Us About Inflation | WSJ


Supply shocks, increased demand, and labor shortages are putting inflationary pressure on businesses. A Napa Valley winery provides a window into how businesses decide whether or not to raise prices.

Covid-19: Can vaccines keep up with variants? | The Economist


The race between covid-19 vaccines and variants is on. Alok Jha, The Economist’s science correspondent, and Natasha Loder, health policy editor, discuss what this means for the future.

How China Controls The World's Battery Supply -VISION


The US state department recently issued a report detailing how China dominates some 80% of the global lithium market. -from VISION

Why Environmentalists Are Fighting Renewable Energy Development | WSJ


Property owners in the windy & sunny parts of the USA are pushing back against large-scale renewable energy development, opposition that researchers say could slow the transition to a cleaner economy.

Covid-19 Boosters Are Coming: Here’s What to Know | WSJ


The Biden administration announced that Americans who have been fully vaccinated with a two-dose regimen against Covid-19 should receive a booster, citing the threat from the contagious Delta variant.

How Altcoins Like Ether And USDC Took Over More And More Of The Crypto Market -CNBC


The cryptocurrency market was worth more than $1.6 trillion by the end of the July 2021. And bitcoin controls more than 47% of that market, down from more than 70% at the start of 2021. -CNBC

Should covid-19 vaccines be mandatory? -The Economist


Most governments recognise that vaccination is the fastest way out of the pandemic, but in many places hesitancy is hindering the roll-out. -from The Economist

Why Apple Wants To Secretly Scan Your Photos -Tech Vision


How important is privacy to you? Are gigantic corporations ever justified in snooping around our own personal files? These are the thorny questions currently being debated.

Didi, Alibaba, Tencent: The Risks of Investing in Chinese Tech | WSJ


Chinese tech stocks popular among U.S. investors have tumbled amid the country’s regulatory crackdown on technology firms. WSJ explains some of the new risks investors face when buying shares.

Cruise Lines Face New Challenges as Delta Spreads | WSJ


The cruise industry is treading delicately as it begins sailing again in the USA WSJ’s Dave Sebastian explains the complicated maneuvers the industry faces as it works to return to pre-pandemic levels

Airbnb Bet Big on the Tokyo Olympics. Covid Left Hosts Paring Losses | WSJ


Airbnb had big plans for the Tokyo Olympics by becoming the official accommodation sponsor, sparking hosts across Japan to prepare for tourists. Now, apartments are vacant.