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Very busy couple of months with virtual presentations at Global Crime Summit, Harvard Consortium for Operational Excellence in Retailing (COER) summer program participation, board meetings, Transatlantic retailers’ leadership ideas exchange, Retail Risk London, IT Technology Panel Discussion, lots of podcasts, new articles, new innovation companies’ engagements.


Very busy schedule with a USA / Europe LP Virtual Roundtable, Future of Retail Risk Europe & Australia Presentations, IT Distributor Panels & Presentations, Lots of Podcasts, New Articles, and New Innovation Companies Engagements


Look for my continuous COVID-19 coverage through daily posts, weekly podcasts, bi-weekly blogs, and webinars to productively prepare for the New Normal.


Look for my Weekly COVID-19 Podcast with the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC).


JOIN ME at Keynotes at ISCPO in Dallas March 4 / Retail Risk London April 2


THANK YOU for joining the retail, technology, and leadership digital transformation conversation.


Enjoyed the discussion and looking forward to the publication and the Post NRF 2020 follow up discussion. 


Looking forward to the start of a new innovation leadership decade at NRF 2020 in NY in the coming week, including attending SuperSaturday RetailROI. Still have a few open slots in busy schedule. Let's connect to continuously digital transform the retail industry.