Top 25 Retail Website / Global Retail Influencer


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Tony D’Onofrio is a creative marketing, product management, strategist, sales, and general management senior executive with 20+ years of professional experience growing global businesses.

Industry recognitions include:

  • Top 15 Retail Industry Influencer
  • Top 25 Retail Website
  • Top 40 European Blogs
  • Retail Excellence Awards from Asia Retail Congress
  • Global speaker at technology / industry events / Board of Directors on the future of retail.

Proven record of growing major global businesses through highly energized motivated teams and building strong partnerships with both customers and industry partners.

As a Futurist, passionate about ideas on leadership, technology innovation, and global trends.

Tony D’Onofrio Global Leadership Sample DIRECT Quotes:

PERFORMANCE: “Tony is a serial innovator and optimist, always looking for the ‘how’ and ‘what if’ set of scenarios to drive growth and loyalty with our customers.”

CUSTOMERS: “Once again I am thankful for the time and discussion with you and team….I appreciate what you do and the opportunity to work with you…..Thanks for your leadership“

SENIOR COMPANY LEADERS: “Congratulations Tony! Your tireless passion and commitment to helping grow our retail business is inspiring.”

PEERS: "I, for one, relish being Tony’s teammate…. And even more so I learn about leadership from him every single time I see and hear from him! He did such an AMAZING job”

CUSTOMER EVENTS: “Thank you very much for the participation and great presentations…I hope we can “book” you for same event next year….(Attendees) are looking forward to receiving the presentations we have shown, yours being asked most often.”

EMPLOYEES: "Special thanks to Tony D’Onofrio for taking the time to organize such a great event and continue to inspire, engage, and motivate us to deliver our best.” “You stand tall in the crowd with your care, compassion, and leadership.”

Specialties: executive management, social media strategy, global marketing, technical sales, product management, global branding strategy, digital marketing strategy, visual communication tools, strategic planning & analysis, mergers & acquisitions, product distribution strategies, emerging markets, emerging technologies, industry partnerships, convergence of IT & Security solutions, POS, Electronic Article Surveillance ( EAS ), IP video, RFID, Internet of Things ( IoT ), big data, video analytics, and the creation of services go to market models.